Tregenza history, genealogy and related family matters

The Tregenza family has spread worldwide from Cornish roots in the 17th century. This site explores the history of the family and our ancestors.

May 2014 UPDATE

The 2014 Edition of Paul Tregenza's book on the genealogy of the Tregenza family is now available. 

A updated version of this site is under development- visit it here.

The book has three sections. The first gives the general background. The second section is the family tree with all its known branches. Unconnected Families that make up the third section. Over the past few years, further information as enabled several of these families to be connected to the main tree or to each other. Download The Genealogy of the Tregenza Family from the Book Download page.

Our thanks, again, to Paul from NEWLYN FAMILY 2.

This site is hosted by Jonathan from LIVERPOOL FAMILY 1. Paul does the hard work.